Tuesday, 26 April 2011

the royal wedding invite........

first and foremost a huge thank you to kate and wills for the invite. i must however decline the kind offer as i havnt spoken to old willy shakey (obvious nickname) since he trashed my grandmothers house in woking in 2006, and i feel it would be wrong to act as if nothing has happened without so much as an apology. also, he has adopted a strange way of speaking and i can seldom understand what he is saying. and his moustache tickles my top lip terribly.

anyway, here is a picture taken from the norwegian press about sara's band and check out the link to the story below. its written in norwegian so for those of you that dont understand it, it basically says- 'sara is in a band called meow. ben is very talented and handsome. he is also very funny. what a great guy. a gift to the world.' you know, the usual.

im back in the studio today finishing of a few tracks so i better get on with it. see ya!


  1. what can i say!!!! you're very talented the world's most wanted artist!!!! good luck to Sarah and Meow.....

  2. hahaha... sorry ben... even if i'm a filipino... i can find my way how too understand it:) hahaha... funny anyways... as usual:) hey check out for my blog too... here's the link... http://manelyn-valdez.tumblr.com/

  3. cant wiat to hear the tracks hopefully soon and good luck to sara and menow she had the support from germany :D
    and btw congartualtions to the wedding invite

    take care

  4. hahaha, very handsome and talented! :D you're funny, dude. But congratz to sara with the new band and stuff.. And being invited on a royal wedding, that's not bad, have fun benjamiiin :))

    - Soma Rahman

  5. hahahahaha. you're hilarious. have fun in the studio!

  6. Wow, you're invited!!!
    So funny! haha :D:D

  7. that's great Ben....well i guess ill be seeing you there...lol