Sunday, 10 April 2011

bens first blog

this is my first blog. isnt it interesting? i have zero idea if i will ever use it, or infact how to use it, so dont expect much. but my life is amazing and very random so it should really be written down and documented, even if just for me to look back on when im old (maybe i qualify for that already?!) i guess i should add a photo up to begin the proceedings. this is how i imagine i would look if i ate a little more than i do and have suffered a few severe eye infections. its funny because i think i look like someone i know, who shall remain nameless, but if he reads this page it will be obvious! ha ha! so im sitting on the sofa having watched the only way is essex (and shamefully loved every second), eating frozen capri sun and yawning like a mofo so im gonna sign off and head to bed. interesting right? stay tuned for more.............:p and of course, and amazing blog video for you to enjoy..........


  1. Nice one :) Can't wait to read all the crazy and none crazy things that you will be writing...or not be writing... Good night :)

  2. Can't wait to

  3. LOL, can`t wait for more updates ;)

    U and sara ar so cute together ;)

    Sweet Dreams!

  4. can't wait .. let the blogging begins~

  5. HAHAH, loooooove it!! :D Finally, I've been waiting for this blogg such a long time now :D

    love Soma Rahman =)

  6. Woah, Please write more..!
    I think it would be lovely.. :D