Thursday, 21 April 2011

new blog design and boarding vid!

so although the snowboarding was a roaring success and i am now of course a pro, i seem to have spent most of my time sitting at various bars down the mountain. thing is is that my legs hurt. boo hoo. and i had a few hissy fits at the top of steep mountains. :p anyway it gave me time to relax back at the chalet make a video of my attempted snowboarding, and re design my blog. so here it is! good times.

so now all that is left of the holiday is dinner, sleep, and a 6.30 pick up from a cab that costs 250 euros to the airport, a flight to denmark, 2 hours wait, a flight to norway, then a 3 hour train journey to lillehammer. joy. but 2 a1 concerts on saturday so all worth it!


  1. hope ya will have a good travel back ben and well done on the snowboarding and btw i love your blog

  2. Hahahahahhahahahaha what a funny header you've got xD Haha!

    And btw, if that was the first time you went snowboarding, you probably will feel it on certain places the next day. On muscles you never knew you had. But you may be lucky to skip them though. Hope you're okay :)

  3. You know what...I thought you had snowboarded before Ben, I'm sure I recall seeing some snowboarding pictures years ago on your fb page......