Tuesday, 19 April 2011


found an ingenious way of skiing with sunburn. scared a few people though. :p

what would be even cooler is if i could see. ready for day three of skiing! woohoo!

oh and if anyone has any suggestions on how make this blog look better im all ears! i dont wanna be beaten by certain other band members who clearly have too much time on their hands! :p ha ha!


  1. Wow, you two look spooky :p I hope you get better soon!

    Have you checked out the "template design" from Blogger? You can change the design of your blogger with it -> http://blogger.com/templates

    There are free Blogger templates on the net, which you can tweak if you don't want to program too much CSS and XML/HTML. Google "Blogger template" and a list of websites will roll out.

    Before you start puzzling with the features, it is also handy to save your old template first. Good luck, Ben :)

  2. its awsome ben
    a better blog?hmm let me see i think thik you can make it better just more videos and pictures and totally your fun stuff thats perfect

  3. Do you have something in mind, an idea? Sometimes is just a matter of having the right colors and provision of images. I could try to help :)

  4. Well, you have already been beaten by a certain band member, but if you let Ana help you the blog will become pretty awesome in the end!

  5. what happened to the old comments here??? :( it gone:(

  6. Mark, I think you had a typo in your comment. You wrote 'Ban the Burka', but you meant 'Ben the Burka', right?? ;)