Saturday, 23 April 2011

dreaming of a small cafe........

so im sitting in lillehammer after an exhausting day of travelling yesterday-without boring you too much, ive been to france, switzerland, denmark, and norway in one day!!!! and it took me 18 hours in taxi's, planes and trains. nightmare. for those of you that are less educated i have drawn a map. :p 

but thank you to the lovely woman at sas who allowed me to sweet talk her into letting me on an earlier flight in denmark. i dont know her name, but she looked like a ragnhild. so thank you ragnhild.

but enough with the geography, and onto a game of wheres wally with the new summer campaign for republic hot is that blonde?! :p

anyway, today we have 2 concerts! woohoo! cant wait! oh and jessie j was serving me coffee at a cafe last night. and i had a bald head. and my mum and sara were using up all their free texts while sitting in a car park waiting for me and my brother to find a shop to develop some pictures. the aliens, woody, and buzz lightyear were at the next table. good dream. good dream. 


  1. Haha you crack me up. SAS are a great airline, they helped me an awful lot when we were stuck in Arlanda because Heathrow can't cope with snow so thin you could see the grass through it! x

  2. hahah, Ragnhild,, that was a good one! :)) it's kind of fun to be served coffie by jessie j :D

    - Soma Rahman

  3. hahah, ragnhild <3<3

    love you ben!!!!

  4. Thank you for the map... geography was never my strong point. It sorta bored me to death I preferred Music class loads better ;0)