Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a1 studio day. odd video. special hand.

so today is one of the first studio days for new a1 material. any suggestions what kinda track you guys would like to hear next? all suggestions welcome! well, all sensible suggestions. :p is it too early to write christmas songs? always wanted to do that! or brandon flowers? anyone feeling his stuff? so many questions. so few answers. and to puzzle you more, here is a little video i did in response to marks wonderful blog. although im not sure if this harms me or him. probably me. what possessed me to do this? why did these noises come from my mouth? why am i posting it up here? all these questions remain unanswered. decide for yourself..........(i worry myself sometimes)

ill post up some pics from the studio later so check in here when you can! but in the meantime, here is one of my favourite mark pics. what a lovely hand. really masculine.


  1. oh God Ben video scares me....whahahah...and mark look so hmmmmm..i dont know..must have been thinking how to revenge to you...

  2. whatta video you have.... it was really scary look...

    anyways... goodluck ben and i'll wait for the pics... hehe:)

    i think mark was thing about something... and what was that something??? haha... its for you to found it out.. hahaha...

    as usual... i have my blog too... visit it... and have fun...

  3. Oh my god! Hilarious :D I gotta say you look a bit scary. Made my day :-) Klem fra Helene. @helenesotkaTVD on Twitter.

  4. my favourite vid so far! :D Good luck with writing songs and stuff, you'll do great, you always do! :)) maby you should write something near like a rose, but ofc not the same song, just inspirasion from that song =)) have a greaaat day
    - Soma Rahman

  5. You could...
    -try Zydeco
    -write a song featuring the Theremin
    -do something in the style of Queen
    -find a rhyme for "orange"

    (PS, speaking of masculine pictures, how about that one where you've been photoshopped into the background 6x bigger than everybody else, drinking out of a pineapple?)

  6. Lol, that was a good laugh. Thanks Ben!
    Somehow I hear a sarcastic tone under "what a lovely hand" >.<

  7. HAHA! that just made my day! look forward to hearing the new tracks! :)

  8. first off all i just want to say ... i laugh my head off from that video hahahha ...and my question to you ben is : why do you never play piano on a gig(consert)? i know you can play .. :)

    from smiley me

  9. This is legit the scariest video I have ever seen. I blame you for any nightmares forthwith. Also, Mark could model ladies' gloves.

  10. hahaha!
    wow, that is one old picture of Mark! It looks like one of the posters I had when I was twelve

  11. WTF.....Ben thats just creepy haha. Nightmares? Check

  12. Drinking alcohol and saying swear words doesnt make you a man!!!Mark is the best!

  13. wat an scary vid ben... hehehe.. and bout the photo of mark.. he s stil handsome ha? :)
    and be ready ben.. he's thinking, how he can defeat u n your blogwar..

  14. I feel like I'm gonna get nightmares tonight..or probably fall asleep laughing. Hilariously scary, if that even makes sense! :D