Thursday, 19 May 2011

bad enough vs stereo love

so i havnt blogged in a while-thats because ive been too busy doing very important things. so important i cant reveal what they are for fear of other people stealing my ideas. brilliant ideas. inspirational thoughts. genious inventions. oh and i played some ps3.

anyway-look what i found! someone put together the best dance record ever! fills me with the summer spirit and should be blasted out of enormous speakers at every party. its a1's bad enough mashed up with edward maya's stereo love. its AMAZING! so turn your computer speakers up full blast, grab a coke, put your shades on, press play and kick back while the soothing tones of a1 take you on a journey through the world of dance. share it with your friends. they will like you more.

oh and here is a picture of me and sara on 17th of may. she made me take off my king henry the 8th costume. :( i just wanted to fit in. so to rebel i wore scruffy jeans. yeah check me out. bad boy til i die. that showed her.........

Sunday, 1 May 2011

royal rumbled........

did we all enjoy the royal wedding? im not usually excited by that kind of thing but it was pretty awesome. except from the long sermons and dreary funeral music. :p this was my favourite picture from the wedding. really captures the heart of the day......

one thing for sure. kate loves willy.

oh and this is priceless. a nun wearing reebok trainers at the wedding. amazing taste. :P

so after the wedding we had a visit from saras parents from norway. went to the bluebird on the kings road for dinner with mum and lucy which was great! not sure why we are all so red in the picture but hey ho.

and for those of you that missed it the first time round, here is a picture of me in full choir gear with the pope. they did ask me to sing at the royal wedding, but i was too busy lying in bed...... and that is basically what has been going on in ben world for the past few days. will put up some clips from some writing sessions soon so you guys get a glimpse of whats going on. :)                                    
smell you later.