Monday, 1 August 2011

lots to tell.......

so its been a million years since my last blog! lots has happened since the last time i posted here......

meow had their first gig! it went really well and the guys did themselves proud! check out their blog and pics from the gig here -

me and the a1 boys/old men have been busy in the studio too, coming up with some awesome new tracks that you will all hear soon im sure.

i also bought a violin...........bit of a mistake. in my head i can play it very well but in reality its the worst sound ive ever heard. gonna need to practice that one........alot.

also rented a boat for a week in turkey which was amazing! would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the most relaxing holiday ever. :)  

in other news, my side project 'WHAT JANE DID NEXT' finally got its official release exclusively on itunes. im not gonna do any promo around it as i have far too much to do as it is with a1 but its there for anyone who wants to download it and hear me differently. was a fun record to make! here's the link to the itunes store.............

also, not forgetting the most aweful news ive ever heard over in norway. i still cant believe it happened. my love and support goes out to all norwegians and especially those who were directly involved. just shocking. :(

thats it for now peeps. spread the love. not disease.