Monday, 1 August 2011

lots to tell.......

so its been a million years since my last blog! lots has happened since the last time i posted here......

meow had their first gig! it went really well and the guys did themselves proud! check out their blog and pics from the gig here -

me and the a1 boys/old men have been busy in the studio too, coming up with some awesome new tracks that you will all hear soon im sure.

i also bought a violin...........bit of a mistake. in my head i can play it very well but in reality its the worst sound ive ever heard. gonna need to practice that one........alot.

also rented a boat for a week in turkey which was amazing! would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the most relaxing holiday ever. :)  

in other news, my side project 'WHAT JANE DID NEXT' finally got its official release exclusively on itunes. im not gonna do any promo around it as i have far too much to do as it is with a1 but its there for anyone who wants to download it and hear me differently. was a fun record to make! here's the link to the itunes store.............

also, not forgetting the most aweful news ive ever heard over in norway. i still cant believe it happened. my love and support goes out to all norwegians and especially those who were directly involved. just shocking. :(

thats it for now peeps. spread the love. not disease. 


  1. It's horible, what happened here. I still can't believe it, and I'm still in shock. And I'm still crying for the lost angels that left us. I knew one of them, and it's unbeliavable that he's gone.

    Sounds lovely to rent a boat in Turkey for a week. If I had the money once, I wouldn't hesitate with doing it :)

    Hope you're alright!

  2. Thank you for thinking about us over here in Norway. It's just terrible, and I think most of us are still in shock. It felt like time stopped that weekend. So it felt really strange when I went back to work the monday after.

    Really looking forward to hear your new songs.
    By the way, you should publish some of your violin "performances" ;)

  3. my childhood memories are with A1. My favorite album is their"make it good" album. =)

  4. What's up guys,

    I have been a fan of a1 since elementary. People will always hear me singing Everytime, Like a Rose, Walking in the Rain and lots of a1 stuff on our small karaoke. I'm 23 now but still follows them, I been a band singer on our town for a while and I think the reason behind it is that a1 inspired me to make great music, compose songs, and entertain and inspire people. Since I been a kid, I dreamed that someday, I'd meet them and go to their concert. That’s why I saddened me to find out that at the end of 2002 that Paul Left the group and the a1 eventually disbanded. It’s like my life in music had been crashing down, but I know that someday they will be back a again and they really didn’t mean singing “One Last Song” because they will be back soon (by the way, I think the songs in their “Make It Good” album are songs that are truly original and some of the best song I heard so far, I still have those 14 tracks in my head even after now).
    Even after that, I follow them year after year, after Ben went solo and released I Don’t Want to Stay the same time a girl that I courted for four years dumped me J, and Mark went on composing songs such as Owe it All to You and Peace at Last, which is by the way my anthem whenever I’m happy, and also did follow Christian all the way from Norway even I’m from Asia where he was very successful, he did a good job with Learn to Fly. And even Paul left the group and went to Snagsby, I still listen to his version of one of my most- listened -to -songs, “Let It Out” on our player because of the different flavor he gave to it, wish he’ll be back. Year after year, I kept waiting for update on and look if there is anything new about a1. And last year, hope came back; a1 is coming back to the scene but is going to be Norway, that’s good enough for me. I been following them on YouTube on their release for Take Me Home, their try on the Eurovision with Don’t Want to Lose You Again, and Waiting for Daylight is really not that big here in the Philippines but it’s the greatest comeback video of my entire life. Just yesterday, after a very frustrating day at work, a news made my whole world stop while I was surfing Facebook, “A1 The Greatest Hits Tour Live in Manila on Feb 25, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum”.
    I found more reason to work hard even if the tickets is expensive for folks like me, I’ll still go to that concert and go on overtime starting from Monday. My biggest dream is to sing just a song with them on a stage, and I think this is not yet the time for it, but seeing them personally even from the upperbox of Smart Araneta, would be if not the happiest, will be one of the most treasured moments that I will have as a solid a1 fan. because for me, their songs means more than love songs, dance and guitars, it's their sound which made me appreciate the world of music that this world has. Please send them my congratulations.

  5. hey Ben.. when are you coming to the Philippines?