Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a1 studio day. odd video. special hand.

so today is one of the first studio days for new a1 material. any suggestions what kinda track you guys would like to hear next? all suggestions welcome! well, all sensible suggestions. :p is it too early to write christmas songs? always wanted to do that! or brandon flowers? anyone feeling his stuff? so many questions. so few answers. and to puzzle you more, here is a little video i did in response to marks wonderful blog. although im not sure if this harms me or him. probably me. what possessed me to do this? why did these noises come from my mouth? why am i posting it up here? all these questions remain unanswered. decide for yourself..........(i worry myself sometimes)

ill post up some pics from the studio later so check in here when you can! but in the meantime, here is one of my favourite mark pics. what a lovely hand. really masculine.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

the royal wedding invite........

first and foremost a huge thank you to kate and wills for the invite. i must however decline the kind offer as i havnt spoken to old willy shakey (obvious nickname) since he trashed my grandmothers house in woking in 2006, and i feel it would be wrong to act as if nothing has happened without so much as an apology. also, he has adopted a strange way of speaking and i can seldom understand what he is saying. and his moustache tickles my top lip terribly.

anyway, here is a picture taken from the norwegian press about sara's band and check out the link to the story below. its written in norwegian so for those of you that dont understand it, it basically says- 'sara is in a band called meow. ben is very talented and handsome. he is also very funny. what a great guy. a gift to the world.' you know, the usual.

im back in the studio today finishing of a few tracks so i better get on with it. see ya!

Monday, 25 April 2011

mums easter gift.............

just when i thought it was safe, mum surprised us with her easter gift to us all. she has never been the best of cooks and this is a wonderful addition to her culinary collection. you would be forgiven for mistaking them for dog turds (i can say that as mum isnt computer literate enough to work out how to read my blog). lets hope they dont taste as bad as they look. oh, and mum didnt want to be photographed so this was the best shot i could get! ha ha!

oh and here is the video of when me and sara met incase any of you missed it the first time around.

when ben met sara

anyway, happy easter! im off to eat poo.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

ladybird porno

the ladybird porno incident

please be warned before you watch this video. it may shock you. it shocked me. the incident happened on sunday the 24th of april at around 2.30pm in broad daylight. he was wearing a red spotted overcoat and nothing underneath. did i stop it? no. did i help? no. i was too afraid he would do the same to me. if anyone has any information please go to your nearest police station as soon as possible. its a sick world.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

dreaming of a small cafe........

so im sitting in lillehammer after an exhausting day of travelling yesterday-without boring you too much, ive been to france, switzerland, denmark, and norway in one day!!!! and it took me 18 hours in taxi's, planes and trains. nightmare. for those of you that are less educated i have drawn a map. :p 

but thank you to the lovely woman at sas who allowed me to sweet talk her into letting me on an earlier flight in denmark. i dont know her name, but she looked like a ragnhild. so thank you ragnhild.

but enough with the geography, and onto a game of wheres wally with the new summer campaign for republic hot is that blonde?! :p

anyway, today we have 2 concerts! woohoo! cant wait! oh and jessie j was serving me coffee at a cafe last night. and i had a bald head. and my mum and sara were using up all their free texts while sitting in a car park waiting for me and my brother to find a shop to develop some pictures. the aliens, woody, and buzz lightyear were at the next table. good dream. good dream. 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

new blog design and boarding vid!

so although the snowboarding was a roaring success and i am now of course a pro, i seem to have spent most of my time sitting at various bars down the mountain. thing is is that my legs hurt. boo hoo. and i had a few hissy fits at the top of steep mountains. :p anyway it gave me time to relax back at the chalet make a video of my attempted snowboarding, and re design my blog. so here it is! good times.

so now all that is left of the holiday is dinner, sleep, and a 6.30 pick up from a cab that costs 250 euros to the airport, a flight to denmark, 2 hours wait, a flight to norway, then a 3 hour train journey to lillehammer. joy. but 2 a1 concerts on saturday so all worth it!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


so tomorrow i shall attempt to snowboard without a lesson. good plan? probably not. unfortunately i have this incredibly stupid idea in my head that it may be easy and that im going to be very good at it. hmmmmm. we shall see......
anyway here is a pic from last night before i refused to get involved in ski rep drinking games.......

oh and check out this link. sara is doing pretty well at the modelling as well as the music over here. bravo!


found an ingenious way of skiing with sunburn. scared a few people though. :p

what would be even cooler is if i could see. ready for day three of skiing! woohoo!

oh and if anyone has any suggestions on how make this blog look better im all ears! i dont wanna be beaten by certain other band members who clearly have too much time on their hands! :p ha ha!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


so first day of skiing and a couple of observations. first there is no snow. perfect. secondly the reason for there being no snow is that its very hot. hence the need for some serious sunscreen. guess what? of course, we decide to brave it without and now regret our very bad choice. :( whats the answer? cucumber. obviously.

lets hope tomorrow is cloudy and miserable..........:p

Thursday, 14 April 2011

meet meow

so we are now up to 20 people following this blog. the word is obviously spreading like wildfire. :p i guess rome wasnt built in a day. so monday i spent writing a new a1 track with mark called..........i cant give that away just yet, but it is sounding very exciting! and yesterday with a new band called meow. they are awesomely awesome. kind of a cross between the cardigans and blondie. so i thought i would introduce them to you. meet meow.............
harley d and sara (meow)
and you can see more at:

today is another meow day with andy hill coming over to write in the studio. ill post up some studio pics later. :)

see ya!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

bens first blog

this is my first blog. isnt it interesting? i have zero idea if i will ever use it, or infact how to use it, so dont expect much. but my life is amazing and very random so it should really be written down and documented, even if just for me to look back on when im old (maybe i qualify for that already?!) i guess i should add a photo up to begin the proceedings. this is how i imagine i would look if i ate a little more than i do and have suffered a few severe eye infections. its funny because i think i look like someone i know, who shall remain nameless, but if he reads this page it will be obvious! ha ha! so im sitting on the sofa having watched the only way is essex (and shamefully loved every second), eating frozen capri sun and yawning like a mofo so im gonna sign off and head to bed. interesting right? stay tuned for more.............:p and of course, and amazing blog video for you to enjoy..........